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Hi, my name is Fiona Koutlis!

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My passion for holistic healing began many years ago when I started practicing meditation, which led me to guide weekly meditation classes and create my own meditation CD. From there, I became interested in healing rocks and crystals, as well as Reiki healing, which further fuelled my enthusiasm for learning and growth.

My previous knowledge and experiences eventually led me to discover energy psychology methods, where I was introduced to EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting. I completed my certification as a Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner, and I completed Levels 1 and 2 in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) through EFT Universe and am now a certified practitioner. With my expertise in Life Coaching and my passion for holistic healing, I am committed to sharing my knowledge and skills with others. Through EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting, I have personally experienced profound transformations in my relationships and inner peace, reducing stress levels and over all wellbeing.

It brings me great satisfaction to assist others on their journey towards a fulfilling life. I am committed to supporting people though my work, guiding them towards their own transformative experiences and empowering them to create the life they want.

  • Certified EFT Practitioner

  • Life Coach / Counsellor
  • Certified Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner

  • Neuro Change Practitioner

Our Shared Paths

Just like you, I wear many hats – I’m a daughter, sister, wife, aunty, friend, entrepreneur, and was once an employee and team leader. I’ve journeyed through life’s challenges, faced hefty issues, surmounted them and continue navigating through them. This shared human experience enables me to connect deeply with my clients. No matter your story, I can relate in some way because, at the end of the day, I’m just like you – working through this journey we call life.

Living with Pain & Health Issues

In my twenties, health challenges led me down a holistic healing path, combining naturopathy and meditation. I lived with Endometriosis, managing it naturally until the pain escalated. Then I discovered EFT, which significantly eased my pain and reduced my reliance on medication. This personal journey fuels my empathy for clients facing similar issues. I’m not just a counsellor; I’ve walked this path and am here to guide you on your healing journey.

From Burnout to Balance

For years, I worked a job I enjoyed but eventually felt stuck, battling self-doubt, depression, and anxiety. Overwhelmed to the point of presenting with chest pain at the ER, it was a wake-up call – I was stressed to the brink. In trying to juggle family, work, my business, and group commitments, I’d neglected my own self-care. Ironically, I’d become my ideal client, offering me a profound understanding of modern struggles like burnout and anxiety.

Lifelong Learning

My journey has been one of lifelong learning, exploring varied modalities like massage, reiki, EFT, life coaching, hypnotherapy, and more. Despite my inner work, I realised it was time to delve deeper, examining underlying beliefs and patterns that shaped me. Regularly employing my learned tools and seeking support from my own coach and counselor, I’ve achieved a better self-understanding and found tranquility in life and work. My commitment to personal growth enhances my ability to guide clients on their own journeys.

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