I have recently had two sessions with Fiona to help resolve pain and discomfort I have experienced on a daily basis for 23 years following a car wreck. Multiple times throughout my daily life I have had to instinctually protect my injured leg from minor touching that left me full of anxiety. The mere thought that someone might touch the scarred leg could have me in an internal ball of anxiety that occasionally manifested in anger. It was a sad excuse for a daily life that had become my norm.

When a friend suggested Fiona’s services I was genuinely doubtful that she would be able to assist me with this issue. While I am open to alternative therapies I simply believed this was what it was, my life.

I left the first session figuratively bubbling with happiness and a physical lightness that I had never experienced before. I was quick to try out people touching my scar with and without my permission. My six year old nephew was the first person to touch my scar in 23 years and I didn’t feel like knocking his hand away nor was there any anxiety. The look of sheer pleasure on his face when I didn’t immediately block his hand to shield my leg was bitter sweet. He had been raised with constant reminders to be careful of my leg and suddenly there was no more barriers between us. He still enjoys randomly touching my scar with only a dash of awe lost in his expression.

Fiona helped me on so many levels. She helped reunite me with a part of myself that I didn’t know I’d lost and a part that I thought was lost forever. I can never adequately express my depth of gratitude that I feel for her and her abilities.


Fiona has a nurturing nature with a gentle caring approach. She transforms people’s life with this amazing gift. I highly recommend her services. Your life will be changed for ever in such positive ways you cannot imagine. Thank you Fiona

Jenny H


So excited to see this Fiona you are truly amazing in all you do. Such a beautiful lady � you have changed my life ��

Kylie R


‘I made contact with Fiona in February 2016 after attending a tapping workshop, I hadn’t yet met Fiona but a family friend recommended her so I could continue to tap with someone local . 

We have met many times throughout the year, and I have since relocated, yet I still keep in touch with Fiona meeting every fortnight on Skype to tap. Throughout one of these sessions I wanted to work on some neglect and abandonment issues I had suffered from a young age and had stayed with me into my adulthood. During this session Fiona helped me to release these emotions by actually walking through the exact situation which I believe started these issues. When trying this new tactic I had not experienced before, Fiona guided me through the situation by recreating it, allowing me to release the current emotions I held on that situation yet create an ending that was ideal and happy. The recreation was so in depth and real that I feel as if that was how the actual situation ended. So now when I refer to the emotions of neglect or abandonment that were once associated with this situation nothing arises. This was the most effective tactic of tapping I have experienced to date. After clearing this core issue I have carried for years Fiona left me with key words that I can use for days following the tapping incase any residual emotions arose. Again an extremely effective way of dealing with a big issue that has been highly beneficial for me. Working with Fiona I have had the opportunity of trying different tactics, which is the most admirable thing about working with Fiona. There is no exact way of tapping on issues it is always personalised and particular depending on what I am tapping on’. 

Thanks again for everything 

Love B…… xx

I have been on the journey of personal development for a long time.  In some ways it started unintentionally.

Through this journey, I have tried different modalities and there is always a benefit.  But it has been the work I have done with Fiona which has really made a difference.

Fiona has guided me to find those beliefs deep within which are holding me back from achieving what I want.  Fiona has this amazing ability to retain what I have said, untangle what is really going on and helped me to dissolve it.  Fiona’s style and delivery is without judgment and you truly feel safe in sharing your feelings and thoughts with her.

If you know there is something not right and you want to do something about it I highly recommend meeting with Fiona to change your life.




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