Why would you use meditation?

We all lead busy lives, and today’s stresses can play havoc on our bodies. Research has shown that a deep meditation of 20 minutes can be equivalent to 7 hours of a good nights sleep. Meditation benefits your body  not only with relaxation, peace and happiness, but can reduce toxins in your body, strengthen your immune system and can even lower blood pressure!


energy-balance-eft-woman-meditatingHow does meditation work?

First thing first, there are many types of meditation, so you will need to find one that suits you. They all involve making sure you get comfortable, close your eyes, and concentrate on breathing. The main three types of meditation are: Focused attention, Mindfulness and effortless transcending.

Techniques on how to deliver meditation are: Guided Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Metta Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Qigong, Taoist, Transcendental Meditation, Vajrayana, Vipassana Meditation, Yoga Meditation and Zen Meditation.

Do a bit of research to see which type of meditation is of interest to you.

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energy-balance-eft-picture-lake The history of meditation

It’s hard to speculate when meditation came about but Hindu meditation (Dhyana) in written records from around 1500BC has been found and also in 6BC from Taoist China and 5DC for Buddhist India. The growth of meditation expanded during the middle ages through to Japanese Buddhism, Jewish and Eastern christians. Meditation has been researched and with the multitude of benefits it can bring, one can only see why it is still a popular method of body, mind and soul healing method.


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